Technologies On-Demand Assists You!

– Setting up the parental control features of your IT infrastructure at home.

– Professional Online Safety Advice for your family.

   – Helping you install your WiFi Mesh

   – Extending and maximizing your home network

– Protect your system with the right Anti-Virus Installation for your type of use.

– Boost productivity with authentically licensed MS Office 365 Suite

– Any assistance in installing your preferred software.

– Professionally Installing and setting up the OS of your choice: Microsoft or Linux OS.

– Ensure your operating system runs smoothly, from the ground up.

– Receive professional and industry-proven guidance on CPU upgrades.

– Swift and precise installation of your chosen components for enhanced performance.

– Basic Assistance in component procurement

   – Professional assembly of all your procured CPU components.

   – Installation of Graphics Card, Motherboard, RAM, Processor, and Cooling System.

   – Seamless integration of Wi-Fi Dongle and LAN Cable for network connectivity.

   – Taking off the hassle – from unboxing to setting up your desktop.

   – Installation of your own preferred Operating System (OS)

   – Configuring your LAN connection for seamless internet access.

   – Connecting and optimizing all your peripherals for maximum productivity.